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Canadian Stamp Dealers' Association. Lists all current members along with their area of specialty.

Royal Philatelic Society of Canada. The MSC is Chapter #204 .

If you are looking to create ablum pages I strongly suggest this software. It's professionaly done, easy to use, free and the creator is always very willing to provide support. If you check out the site there are even albums to download and print for free!
AlbumEasy - Free software for creating custom stamp album pages

Stamporama - online stamp club has discussions, auction, buy/sell approval books with no fees

Tradeonlystamps - person to person exchange ( have had good and bad luck here so its user beware) - users have ratings so be sure to check on past trades.
Trade Only Stamps

Colnect - has a free and a paid membership - I use this as a free membership mostly for images of stamps for my albums and for the Michel to Scott number translation.

Steiner pages - this is a pay per year site. It has album pages in Scott order for EVERY COUNTRY PLUS. You can buy a CD with all the pages in PDF format on it, or download them as you need them.
Steiner Album Pages

Hipstamp - Buy sell site (has fees to sell). A good resource if you are looking for something specific

Stamps2Go - Another buy sell store - It supports selling but has fees to sell.