Stamp Club

Some of Our Collecting Interests

Shared by our Memebers

Some of our members voluntarily share their collecting interests here with the hope of garnering further acquaintances to share their common interests and perhaps trade stamps with to increase their collections.

Bob Bidner
General Collector
Collects: Europe to 1980; Dutch, French and Portuguese prior to their independance, Japan to 1990, Indonesia to 1960 and a scattering of south and central american countries up to the mid 1960's.

Peter McCarthy
Advanced Collector
Collects: Railway Post Office Cancellations (R.P.O.s), Canada 1972 - 1977 definitive issue known as the Caricature & Landscapes mostly covers, Some military cancellations, Canadian Flag on Canadian stamps, Railway on stamps, Orange River Colony, Precancels and interesting covers.